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The Medical Alley Association has launched two digital event series to deliver unparalleled intelligence and resources to our healthcare community and beyond. Bringing the Future Forward features discussions with leaders on the most relevant topics in healthcare and how transformation is shaping the future. Our other series, What Now, What Next, delivers unique tools, resources, and guidance for your organization to navigate this new environment. 


We are hard at work producing new digital events, please check back here soon to see our official announcements! 


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The 1-Click Patient Experience: How Experience Design is Improving Outcomes

Long ago, banks realized that adding a second teller reduced wait times by a whopping 95%, and this dramatically improved customer satisfaction and retention. There is a long explanation to why that is but, most importantly, it shows that improving the user experience can have unexpectedly large impacts. Amazon has become famous for their 1-click technology that has made ordering just about anything almost frictionless. 

Bold healthcare innovators are bringing these experiences to healthcare and, as a result, are creating competitive edges for their companies, leading to more satisfied patients and customers. 

In this Bringing The Future Forward session, we will discuss how organizations are making these changes and what remains to be done. 


Jodi Hubler

Board Director


Kathy Parsons

Vice President of Population Health and Executive Director of Central MN Health Network

Sarah Fraser

Head of Finance

Ali M. Wing

Former Chief Consumer Officer

[SOLD OUT] Helping Close the Health Inequity Gap Through More Inclusive Clinical Trials

Addressing and eliminating health disparities is a priority for healthcare organizations in Medical Alley –and throughout the nation – and it has gained increased attention during the COVID-19 pandemic and following the murder of George Floyd.

This effort requires a multi-faceted approach from every sector of healthcare, but one that can help make significant strides long-term is increasing diversity within clinical trials. Medical Alley organizations have long been leaders on this effort, and recent events have only furthered their commitment to reaching this goal.

In this Bringing The Future Forward session, hear from Medical Alley organizations on how they are increasing and improving outreach to generate more participation from underrepresented populations, what strategies they are using to partner with other organizations to build more representative clinical trials, and how they are working to advance inclusive research overall.


Michael Mahoney


Michael R. Jaff

Chief Medical Officer & Vice President, Peripheral Interventions


Chyke Doubeni

Professor of Family Medicine

Melissa S. Gonzales, Ph.D.

External Partnering, Chief Diversity Office

Vino Raj

Director of Clinical Research Informatics & Analytics

COVID-19 and Specialty Pharmacy: Impacts and Responses to High-Risk Patient Populations 

While much has been made of the pandemic’s impact on care delivery – telemedicine, remote monitoring, and deferral of needed care – as important, though less discussed, is the pandemic’s impact on pharmacy, especially specialty pharmacy. The complexity of specialty pharmacy with multiple stakeholders, complex supply chains, and evolving payment and business models has required radical rethinking due to the pandemic.

In this Bringing the Future Forward session from the Medical Alley Association, hear from specialty pharmacy stakeholders on how they have adapted to the effects of COVID-19 for high-risk patient populations and are preparing for a post-pandemic world of care delivery.


Meredith Holt

National Vice President of Health Systems

Samir Mistry

Vice President of Pharmacy

Sheena Babin, PharmD, CSP

Director of Pharmacy Clinical Services and Business Development - Specialty Pharmacy

Medical Alley's Cellular Therapy Revolution

Cell and Gene therapy is revolutionizing medicine by moving medicine from treatment to cure. Did you know that Medical Alley innovators have been in the middle of this revolution for decades and now represent some of the leading organizations in the world? In this session we’ll discuss some of the breakthrough medicine coming from Medical Alley’s innovators and the prospects for the region becoming a biotech hotspot. 

In this Bringing The Future Forward session, presented by CPT, we discuss some of the breakthrough medicine coming from Medical Alley’s innovators and the prospects for the region becoming a biotech hotspot.


Amy Ronneberg


David Eansor

President, Protein Sciences Segment

Michelle Berg

President, GMP Nucleic Acids

The Patient Will See You Now: Moving From Patient to Consumer Centricity

The house call was once common – the doctor would visit the patient, evaluate their condition, and prescribe treatment. Today, a doctor’s visit – or, rather, an office visit – requires traveling to a specific location. An entire industry has developed to bring convenience and cost savings to consumers of healthcare by delivering care anywhere. But, many regulatory, workflow, and behavioral issues stand in the way of delivering healthcare fully in the way consumers seek.

In this Bringing The Future Forward session, we explored those barriers, the promise of care anywhere, and its limits. Additional discussion will look at how these emerging technologies and practices are changing the business model of health systems that have spent years optimizing for in-person care delivery.


Lisa Lavin

Founder & CEO

Jared Sieling

Founder & CEO

Lonny Stormo

Co-Founder & CEO

Is the Digital Health Revolution Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in care delivery across the nation. Telehealth, virtual care and remote monitoring are changing the patient experience and accelerating the transformation of healthcare.Is the digital health revolution here to stay or is this just a COVID-19 fix? What does healthcare look like moving forward?

In this Bringing the Future Forward session, sponsored by Bind, we explored the digital health shifts, whether we can ever go back, and what to expect moving forward.


Jon Pearce


Nichole Melton Mitchell


Dr. Sameer Badlani


Straight Talk on Health Inequities: This Crisis Must Be Addressed

Minnesota continues to be touted as one of the nation’s healthiest states. But that’s not true for everyone. Systemic issues continue to produce great disparities across racial and economic lines. How do we begin to address the cost of health inequities? Watch our thought provoking conversation that gets to the core of these issues and what we can do to start to make a change.


Christopher Warlick, MD, PhD

Associate Professor & Chair

Craig E. Sammit

President & CEO

Coming Together to Address the Crisis in Mental Health

The Medical Alley Association and Bind Benefits brought together thought leaders from across health insurance, consumer health technology, and care delivery to discuss how the next generation of mental health services will come from companies working together in ways we’ve never seen before.


Jodi Hubler


Jaclyn Wainwright


Asheesh Saksena


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