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trū® Shrimp Introduces trū® Chitosan for Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Applications

trū® Chitosan conforms to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Specifications and is Produced in the

BALATON, MN – The trū® Shrimp Companies, Inc. announced today it has commenced production of
its trū® Chitosan branded line of premium chitosan for topical and internal medical, pharmaceutical, and
cosmetic applications. The trū Chitosan products are produced in a United States FDA registered facility
with Good Manufacturing Practices GMP) and conform to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
specifications and its strict, prescribed testing methodologies.

“trū Chitosan is a result of years of research and development by our talented team,” stated Michael
Ziebell, President & CEO of The trū Shrimp Companies, Inc. “Our proven, patented Tidal Basin®
technology produces not only our superior quality trū® Shrimp, but our pollution free, disease free, and
antibiotic free aquatic habitat also produces the pristine shrimp shells which are the raw material for trū
Chitosan. Along with our Contract Laboratory partner, Parimer Scientific, we are the only producer of
commercially available USP compliant chitosan in the United States which mitigates US reliance on
foreign supply for this key medical compound. Inspired by the quality of our shell material and our
documented chain of custody, our goal is to provide the finest chitosan to the medical community. trū
Chitosan is a core component of the growth strategy of the company.”

“trū Shrimp delivers the highest quality shrimp exoskeleton tissue possible to our laboratory,” adds
Richard Pace, PhD, President and Founder of Parimer Scientific. “The quality and consistency from lot
to lot enables a smooth and predictable GMP conversion to produce superior and consistent USP
conforming trū Chitosan that is available with various degrees of deacetylation and molecular weight.
We are honored to have been selected for this exciting partnership.”

Chitosan is a natural polymer extracted and purified from, most commonly, the exoskeleton or shell of
crustaceans. Unlike other chitosan producers, trū Chitosan has a complete chain of custody from shrimp
postlarvae to purified chitosan. trū Chitosan is made from the shells of the shrimp grown in trū Shrimp’s
controlled environment ensuring the quality and consistency of the original shell tissue and complete
traceability for each lot of chitosan. The indoor controlled environment where the shrimp are grown is
constantly monitored to ensure optimal growth and health conditions. The shrimp shell tissue is then
harvested, preserved, and further refined to produce medical application chitosan. trū Chitosan not only
provides a USP conforming Certificate of Analysis, but also a Certificate of Origin that documents the
chain of custody from shrimp postlarvae to finished medical application chitosan.

trū Chitosan welcomes the opportunity to work with customers and researchers to create a custom
chitosan product to better fit a specific medical application or research project. To learn more about trū
Chitosan, please visit

About The trū® Shrimp Companies, Inc.
The trū Shrimp Companies, Inc. is a seafood and biopolymer company that produces premium consumer
shrimp of varying sizes, chitosan for medical applications made from its shrimp shell tissue, and a high
protein, low-fat pet food ingredient. From its inception in 2014, the Company has pioneered the
development and commercialization of a breakthrough, scalable, and shallow-water indoor aquaculture
platform that enables controlled and predictable production of shrimp and shrimp shell tissue. The trū
Shrimp Companies’ patented and proprietary Tidal Basin Technology was engineered to ensure
industry-leading food safety, supply chain traceability, and measured and documented sustainability.
Learn more at

About Parimer Scientific
Parimer Scientific, LLC, located in Easley, South Carolina, is an FDA registered (#3014735278)
scientific laboratory which engages in chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical research and development.

It serves as a contract manufacturer for chemicals, medical, and human over the counter and human
investigational pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. It is inspected by the FDA for cGMP compliance,
NSF for ISO 9001 compliance, the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy, DEA Controlled Substance, and
DHEC for all schedules.

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