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Thermofy Secures Agreement to Acquire Viral Sign Inc. to Advance its Position in AI-Enabled Infrared Imaging for Medicine

Acquisition accelerates launch of Thermofy’s Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) solutions in the U.S. and  globally 

Sao Paulo, Brazil; Birmingham, Alabama, United States; December 9, 2021 

Thermofy’s acquisition of U.S.-based Viral Sign Inc. equips Thermofy to introduce and scale the company’s AI enabled, infrared imaging screening and diagnostic solutions aimed at equipping healthcare professionals to  early identify the presence of a disease or condition. With the acquisition, Thermofy will transition the  company’s headquarters to the U.S. and will continue to expand the company’s commercial, clinical research,  and product development activity in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates wrote, “In whatever part of the body excess of heat or cold is felt, the disease is there  to be discovered.” Operating at the intersection of scientific research, artificial intelligence, and infrared  imaging, Thermofy is poised to deliver on the promise of Hippocrates’ discovery. By leveraging AI-enabled  infrared insight to assess patterns in thermal activity and the body’s related inflammatory and vasomotor processes, Thermofy will enable clinicians to better identify, isolate, and optimize intervention across a broad  cross-section of medical specialties. Thermofy’s Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) portfolio is aimed at  providing advanced screening and diagnostic solutions for clinical practitioners in infectious disease,  occupational medicine, and sports medicine. The company’s software targets diseases and conditions that  carry a significant clinical and economic burden for employers, including low-back pain, soft tissue injuries,  and infectious disease.  

Dr. Marcos Brioschi, a leading global authority on infrared imaging for medicine, shared, “Our collaboration  with the team at Viral Sign Inc., which began with the launch of our infectious disease screening software in  the U.S., provided the opportunity to explore extending our partnership beyond infectious disease so that we  can better leverage our combined clinical, operational, and commercial expertise and assets. Going forward,  Thermofy will play an important role in returning individuals to activity, employees to work, and athletes to  their sport. The integration of AI into infrared imaging revolutionizes the clinician’s ability to analyze, assess, and assign risk for a condition in individuals and across organizations and populations.” 

Barry Hix, chief executive officer for Viral Sign, agreed, “Thermofy is excited to expand, in number and in  depth, our partnerships with physicians and ancillary care professionals, with specific focus on occupational  medicine, senior care, and sports medicine. We believe our established presence in these targeted verticals, a  result of our work with Viral Sign in the U.S. and internationally, provides the foundation to drive accelerated  adoption of the Thermofy solution suite across thought leaders in healthcare in the U.S. and internationally.” 

With the merger complete, the Thermofy leadership team will immediately begin to engage investors in  healthcare technology to acquire the capital necessary to build upon the company’s existing clinical,  development, and commercial competencies. Interested investors can reach out directly to the Thermofy  leadership team by visiting the company’s website—  

About Thermofy 

Thermofy develops and markets AI-powered, infrared imaging solutions to enable early, accurate assessment  of a disease process so that intervention can be initiated earlier and optimized across the care protocol for the  individual. Thermofy has operations in Brazil and the United States. To learn more or to contact Thermofy,  please visit us at

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