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London Science Museum Adds EGI HD-EEG Geodesic Sensor Net to Permanent Exhibition in Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries

LONDON & Eugene, OR — (March 12, 2021) – The London Science Museum has selected the MagstimEGI Geodesic HD-EEG sensor net to feature as a Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries exhibit. Placed in a prominent position in their Cabinet of Curiosities, the MagstimEGI Geodesic Sensor net is used by both researchers and clinicians for electroencephalography (EEG). This high-density EEG net non-invasively records electrical activity of the brain.

“As a child growing up in the UK, it was a rite of passage to visit the Science Museum and learn about the history of science and see new innovations,” said Gaynor Foster, PhD, Customer Service Manager, MagstimEGI. “Our MagstimEGI products have a 30-year history, and we are thrilled to share our contribution to the science of EEG and show how it can help improve research and patient outcomes.”

MagstimEGI’s Geodesic Sensor Net (GSN) has been widely adopted by the neuroscience research community because of its ease of use, comfort, and ability to produce high-quality and high-resolution data. Independent researchers worldwide using MagstimEGI’s High Density EEG (HD EEG) platform have published more than 3,000 peer-reviewed publications in fields including neurodevelopment, language processing, simultaneous fMRI-EEG, neuropsychology and more.

“This net marked a turning point for EEG research around the world,” said Foster. “Having an EEG exam for the first time may cause anxiety for patients, and this can be felt more keenly by autistic individuals or patients with behavioral challenges. It may be impossible to obtain an EEG using conventional methods. With our Geodesic EEG System, you can provide comfortable, painless EEG for patients without the need for scalp abrasion, glues or sedation.”

This Geodesic Sensor Net features 256 sensors and is designed to connect with MagstimEGI’s NA400 amplifier to record data that is interpreted by researchers or clinicians. Using a net structure to hold the electrodes in place, the Geodesic Sensor Net allows all electrodes to be applied simultaneously – from 32 channels for routine exams up to 256 channels for source estimation.

The net is on display in Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries, five vast galleries at the Science Museum in London which explore the history of medicine. Featuring three thousand historic objects and covering an area equivalent to 1,500 hospital beds, Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries is the magnificent new home for the most significant medical collections in the world.

There is more on the galleries here.

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Globally, Welcony technologies have supported thousands of research labs, clinics, hospitals, and universities that focus on mental health, brain disorders, cognitive neuroscience and neuromonitoring. Key brands include Magstim Magnetic Stimulation, MagstimEGI high-density EEG, Technomed Clinical Neurophysiology and Neurosign Intraoperative Nerve Safety Monitoring.

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