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SecurAcath® Featured Prominently in New Infusion Therapy Standards

Plymouth, MN, January 26, 2021 – Interrad Medical, a privately held medical device company, announces significant statements regarding use of SecurAcath in the recently published Infusion Therapy Standards of Care, 8th Edition. 

The new Standards speak to the importance of vascular access device (VAD) securement in Section 38 — Vascular Access Device Securement. The standards refer extensively to subcutaneous anchor securement system (SASS) and SecurAcath is the only SASS in the world. 

The INS Standards acknowledge this tested and validated technology brings a broad set of benefits including: 

  • Stabilizing and securing VADs to reduce premature dislodgement and complications 
  • Reduction of Catheter Associated Skin Injury (CASI)
  • Improvement over sutured securement 
  • Securing the catheter during dressing changes without needing to be replaced for the life of the line  

The Infusion Therapy Standards are a well-respected, evidence-based document that are rigorously reviewed every five years. The expert reviewers found enough evidence to elevate the use of SecurAcath for PICCs to a Level I which is consistent with the recommendation of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in England, and the GAVeCeLT-WoCoVA consensus on subcutaneously anchored securement. 

One of the Standard’s authors, Tricia Kleidon, MNSc, BNSc, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia stated, “The updated Infusion Therapy Standards emphasize the need for securement at the catheter insertion site in addition to the primary dressing to reduce the risk of complications including unintentional dislodgement, catheter migration and catheter associated bloodstream infection (CABSI). Multiple prospective, observational studies have demonstrated the safety and broad utility of a Subcutaneous Anchor Securement System (SASS) to reduce catheter failure and improve patient safety. More randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm these results in a range of clinical settings.” 

“We are proud to see the elevation of SecurAcath in the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice. The growing body of evidence, including a recent publication that shows a significant reduction in risk of catheter-related infections, highlights the clinical benefits that SecurAcath offers compared to other securement methods.” commented Joe Goldberger, President and CEO of Interrad Medical. 

The SecurAcath is the only subcutaneous catheter securement device that lasts the life of the line and can significantly reduce risk of catheter-related infections and other complications, dramatically decrease catheter dislodgement and migration, decrease catheter replacement costs, and lower total cost of patient care. 

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