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Checkable Medical Announces Completion of COVID-19 At-home Antibody Test Trial

Twin Cities MedTech Health Start-Up Completes Trial for individual use of COVID-19 Antibody Test

Minneapolis, Minn., December 3, 2020 — Checkable Medical announced the completion of its Checkable Medical COVID-19 At-home Rapid Antibody Test™ trial in partnership with BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. in Miami, FL. 

The trial’s purpose was to test untrained individuals to see if they could accurately complete a fingerprick serology blood test on themselves using the Checkable Medical COVID-19 At-home Rapid Antibody Test™. Participants included those recently diagnosed with COVID-19 (within 14 days to 2 months of first symptoms) using a EUA RT-PCR test or who had no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory infections. 

The trial’s success will allow Checkable Medical to file for EUA approval for at-home use later this week. With a EUA-approval, individuals will be able to purchase a Checkable Medical COVID-19 At-home Rapid Antibody Test™ online without needing a prescription or connecting with a healthcare provider. 

The COVID-19 antibody test does not find the virus itself. Still, it is a practical tool for testing asymptomatic individuals (those with few or no symptoms) that are infecting others without knowing and determining if you had COVID-19. 

“This is a huge accomplishment and provides validation that consumers can run basic diagnostic tests independently without a healthcare provider,” said Patty Post, Founder and CEO of Checkable Medical. “This is one step closer to an inexpensive COVID-19 screening that can be used to get people back to their everyday lives and provide peace of mind.” 

Checkable Medical is hoping for a EUA approval of the COVID-19 at-home test by early next year.

About Checkable Medical 

Checkable Medical is empowering consumers to make clinically backed decisions through the availability of at-home testing kits. With at-home test kits available for COVID-19 antibodies and Strep Throat, Checkable Medical utilizes later flow testing to provide affordable and quick results. Based in Minneapolis, the Checkable Medical team comprises scientists, regulators, clinical and technical experts, and business leaders committed to rethinking healthcare. To sign up for updates on when Checkable tests will be available to the public, visit and fill out the contact form. 

About BioCollections Worldwide Inc 

BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. (BCW) is a minority-owned business established in 2001 with the objective of helping to advance diagnostic discoveries worldwide. BCW provides customized blood collection protocols (BCP’s) for the development of new and emerging in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices and biopharmaceuticals. 


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