Are you Treating the Symptoms of Dry Eye instead of the Cause? A New Company Aims to Change how You think about Dry Eye

 Artificial tear use is common and widespread; however, this type of treatment only temporarily decreases the symptoms of dry eyes instead of treating the cause. In fact, nearly 90% of dry eye cases are primarily caused by the breakdown of the oil glands in the eye lids. A new Minnesota based company seeks to change this paradigm by offering a convenient solution to the cause rather than the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. 

Minneapolis, MN (WEB) Sept 29, 2020 – Over 300 million people globally are affected by Dry Eye Syndrome which is caused by several factors such as screen use, contact lenses, and even wearing a mask. The symptoms of the chronic condition include blurry vision, burning, and an inability to tolerate reading. Making matters worse is that the most common treatment, artificial tears, temporarily masks the symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause of the condition. In almost 90% of all dry eye cases, the primary cause is not a lack of tears but instead the breakdown of the oil glands within the eye lids. 

A Minnesota based company, TearRestore, is looking to shift the understanding of Dry Eye treatment by offering a convenient and effective treatment for the underlying cause of the condition. The TearRestore product utilizes specially designed reusable heat packs to warm the oil glands of the eyelids while not hindering the users vision throughout treatment. The targeted warm compress treatment loosens the oil within the eye lids and allows the gland to flow freely. The TearRestore solution allows dry eye sufferers get an effective treatment for the cause of their condition with the unique convenience of being able to maintain their daily routine. 

TearRestore was developed in a graduate program at University of Minnesota with the support from the National Science Foundation. The company has partnered with industry leading clinicians to assure patients are receiving the best possible treatment. TearRestore is set to launch in Oct 2020. 


Ken Dau Schmidt M.S. TearRestore Inc (612) 584-9232 

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